Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sea Turtles and such....

At the end of this summer we were fortunate enough to goto Fort Lauderdale on a business trip with Todd. While we were there, we saw the tape marking off the sea turtle nests. How exciting to see.
We watched one morning as a four wheeler moved to a nest and stayed there. Noah and I ran down out of the hotel to see what was going on. During the night the nest had hatched and the volunteers were helping the turtles that were alive get out of the nest. It was an amazing experience to see these amazing turtles start their journey.
Also amazing, because you don't think of it until you see it for yourself is the amount of turtles that do not make it at all. So very sad.

Welcome back!

Today was the first day of school for my two guys. Noah, minus part if his tooth, is in the seventh grade. Toby, is now in second! Amelia, I get to hold onto her a bit longer. Lucky Mommy.


This is Noah on August 3rd, 2010. He had only been at his friends house for about 20 minutes when I got the call that he had hit the diving board and knocked out one of his permanent teeth.

I thank God for being with him that day as it could have been SO much worse than what it was. He could be paralyzed right now.

His friend and his friend's dad were able to get the tooth, and the dentist was able to stick it back in. Noah was WAY better at handling this whole mess than I was. I was a wreck. I probably said a few things that I shouldn't have. (O.k. make that definitely!), but I was scared, nervous, and shocked. Our regular dentist was away on vacation, and the dentist that helped out was wonderful. He really put me in my place. When I walked into the room with Noah he said to me, "Mom, either get yourself together, or get out!" Of course, I pulled it together!

We have had afew dentist appointments through these past three weeks. Noah had to have his real tooth bonded to his other teeth to try and help it stay in. He had a root canal without novocaine. (Brave boy!), and he just recently got the bonding off. He is nervous because the tooth is loose, but our dentist said it is like a broken bone once the cast comes off. Weak. In two weeks we take him back for another appointment and hopefully that will be when they can build the tooth back up.

Fingers crossed that said tooth stays in!